You want your event to be amazing – WE want your event to be amazing! Why not let us do the worrying for you so you can do what you do best – sit back, relax with a cool beverage and entertain your guests! We want nothing more than you to have a flawless event filled with smiling BBQ smeared faces! So, all you and your guests need to do is bring your appetites and we’ll do the rest.

Use the below form to select the items you would like to be catered and the amounts you would need based on how many guests you have. Once completed, your estimated price will be shown at the bottom of the form. Click “Next”, then fill out the contact information and submit your estimate to us. A copy will be sent to you as well.

Please note that by using this form, you understand that this is an estimate. Also, that by submitting this form, you understand that you are not actually placing an order. Our catering coordinator will be in contact with you with-in 24 hours to go over the catering list you created and then they will give you the final billing amount.

Some items come in pan, quart, or pint sizes. Select the desired size when prompted.

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Dining In?

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